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MGT 604 Organisation, Projects and Sustainability: Reading list

MGT 604 Organisation, Projects and  Sustainability 

Department: PhD in Business Management & PhD in Project Management
Module Description: This module addresses the need to manage projects to deliver innovations as well as provide the knowledge that would help students understand the purpose of projects and their relationship to corporate strategic objectives, Project managers need to understand the drivers for change and innovation in the way projects are managed and how the different models of innovation and change and their applicability in a project environment. The module advocates the need to view project management as the management of innovation which in the past was limited to “new product development”. The module will examine the role of project managers in encouraging creativity, creating a climate of innovation and Innovation networks. The module will examine the relevant issues at team level and at supply chain level.  In particular, using case studies, examine how an effective knowledge sharing and learning within the team and between the supply chain will create the support and incentive for innovation. 

Indicative key readings

Corporate social responsibility

Organisational Behaviour

Organisations and Project Contracts


Recommended readings

Developments in project management knowledge and its organisation

Knowledge management strategies

  • Von Krogh, G., Nonaka, I. and Aben, M. (2001). Making the most of your company’s knowledge: a strategic framework. Long Range Planning, vol. 34, pp. 421-439. Request this item

Organisations and project contracts

Project management in the contexts of organisational power, control and conflict

  • Thamhain, H. J. (2004). Linkages of project environment to performance: lessons for team leadership. International Journal of Project Management, vol. 22, pp. 533-544. Request this item
  • Keegan, A.E. and Den Hartog, D.N. (2004). Transformational leadership in a project-based environment: a comparative study of the leadership styles of project managers and line managers. International Journal of Project Management, vol. 22, pp. 609-617. Request this item
  • Lee-Kelley, L. and Sankey, T. (2008). Global virtual teams for value creation and project success: a case study. International Journal of Project Management, vol. 26, pp. 51-62. Request this item           

Organisational culture and climate

  • Eskerod, P. and Blichfeldt, B. S. (2005). Managing team entrees and withdrawals during the project life cycle. International Journal of Project Management, vol. 23, pp. 495-503. Request this item
  • Van Marrewijk, A. (2007). Managing project culture: the case of Environ Megaproject. International Journal of Project Management, vol. 25, pp. 290-299. Request this item


  • Labuschagne, C. and Brent, A. C. (2005). Sustainable project life cycle management: the need to integrate life cycles in the manufacturing sector. International Journal of Project Management, vol. 23, pp. 159-168. Request this item


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