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MGT 613 Case Studies in Organisational and institutional Change: Reading list

MGT 613 Case Studies in Organisational and institutional Change

Department: PhD in Business Management

Module Description: This module introduces the student to the theory and circumstances that enable, drive and inhibit organisational and institutional change. This module highlights that organisational change is a manifestation of the complex relationship between an organisation and its institutional context. The module discusses theories and processes of resistance and change, and how organisations and individuals respond internally to change. During the module, the student will develop a comprehensive understanding of different perspectives in theorising and conceptualising institutional and organisational change, including old and new institutionalism, agency perspectives, institutional logics, as well as theories of change and the management of change.  As well as gaining a perspective on the need for organisations to embrace change as a way of gaining competitive advantage and being responsive to the demands of broader institutional context, the student is encouraged to develop ideas and insights, through case studies, into different theoretical perspectives and debates on organizational and institutional change and change management. The student is required to explore general and specific changes by focusing on critical analysis of the relationships between organisations and institutional fields, as well as understand individual and organisational challenges and ambiguities in the processes of change. In addition, students are expected to reflect and develop their own intellectual position on change and managing change.

Indicative key readings

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