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MATH 101 Mathematics for Business: Reading list

MATH 101 Mathematics for Business

Department: BSc Business Management

Module Description:The model introduces students to basic mathematics needed for business studies. The module covers topics such as Straight lines and Functions, Simultaneous Equations, Quadratic Equations, Non-linear Functions, and Financial Mathematics. Moreover, for each topic student will have an extensive use of applications using excel. Upon completion, students will be equipped with all necessary mathematical concepts and tools to continue their studies in management, marketing, finance or economics.

Module texts

  • Hummelbrunner, S. A., Halliday, K., & Hassanlou, A. R. (2021). Contemporary business mathematics with canadian applications. 12th ed. Pearson.

  • Bradley, T. (2019). Essential mathematics for economics and business. 4th ed. Wiley.

Recommended readings

  • Haeussler, E. F., Paul, R. S., & Wood, R. J. (2022). Introductory mathematical analysis for business, economics, and the life and social sciences.  14th ed. Pearson.

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