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RES 506 Dissertation: Reading list

RES 506 Dissertation

Department: MSc in Informatics (Knowledge and Data Management)

Module Description: Having successfully completed the six modules in the taught stage of the programme, students who wish to proceed to the masters degree take the dissertation stage. This final project is intended to give students an opportunity to focus on an aspect of the taught subject matter and investigate it in more detail. This will help them consolidate their capacity for independent study, and to learn some of the techniques needed to conduct research and develop knowledge in the subject area of the programme of study.

This is a research project. The only piece of work to be submitted for examination is a dissertation, and this is a written report on the research. There are thus two aspects to consider: the research and the writing. Both are governed by implicit rules common to the discipline of formal research; part of the students’ training is to become familiar with these rules.

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