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RES 606 Research Design and Planning (PhDBL): Home

RES 606 Research Design and Planning (PhDBL) 

Department: Doctor of Philosophy in Business Law
Module Description: This module concentrates on the development and design of student educational research proposals, consisting of two main sections: first, developing the research question and objectives and designing the theoretical framework; secondly, designing the research methodology including the research approach, methods, instruments or information gathering guidelines, and method of results analysis.  The first section will include developing the rationale for the research question and objectives, as well as a theoretical framework that will identify theories and concepts from relevant disciplines, and any relevant philosophical foundations or concepts, that is coherent and appropriate to the research question and will form part of the final thesis proposal.  This section also includes a critical understanding of the general range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to the students’ research topics, as well as an understanding of knowledge transfer and situating their research topic in national and international research and intellectual traditions.  The module will also cover the distinctions between qualitative and quantitative research and the role of mixed methods.
The second section focuses on the selection and development of a methodology consistent with the theoretical framework including the approach, methods, instruments or data gathering guides, and guidelines for conduct of the study including a draft ethics proposal.  The module will also discuss the development of theoretical sections of a thesis in addition to empirical research designs, and the implications of their research for professional practice.  The module will conclude with the defense of their full research proposal for their thesis. Where relevant, students may conduct a pilot study.

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