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SBE 606 Environmental Economics and Policy: Reading list

SBE 606 Environmental Economics and Policy

Department: PhD in Sustainable Built Environment

Module Description: The module tackles aspects related to the impact of environmental economics and policy on the built environment and the appropriate ways of regulating economic activity, in general, in order to strike a balance among economic, environmental and social goals. Not only will students learn about economics-related concepts such as externalities the and public good, but they will also establish an understanding of the role of markets and regulations in determining the ‘right’ amount of pollution levels that lead to achieving a socially-desirable environment. Through the use of advanced software packages, students will also learn how to assess the marginal costs and benefits associated with an individual policy as well as those resulted from a combination of multiple policies and actions. Last but certainly not least, it is envisaged that by the end of this module, students will appreciate the complex roles of governments in designing and implementing environmental policy with a particular emphasis on the built environment.

Module texts

  • Filed, B. and Field, M. (2016). Environmental economics. 7th edn. NY: McGraw Hill

  • Kraft, M., Norman J. V. and Barry R. (2021). Environmental policy: new directions for twenty-first century.  11th edn. CQ Press.

Recommended readings

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