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SBE 610 Sustainable Materials: Reading list

SBE 610 Sustainable Materials

Department: PhD in Architecture and Sustainable Built Environment

Module Description: This module focuses on the materials used in the built environment (construction and operation) and their environmental impact. This covers traditional as well as new & innovative materials and construction processes. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) will be discussed as a method of assessing the environmental impact of different materials. It examines the principles of reuse, recycling and renewal in achieving sustainability in the Built Environment. It looks at the consumption of materials, energy and water and at the production of waste through the whole life cycle of the building. Special attention is paid to the different renewable energy resources with focus on technology and economics. The role of energy policy, politics and regulations in promoting the use of renewable resources will be discussed. The module explores issued related to sustainability of building materials and sustainable construction. It provides an advanced knowledge of cladding, moisture control, and building finishes, fire performance, and construction robotics. It discusses construction issues related to complex structures and high-rise buildings. It explores 3-D printing technologies and how construction robotics affect the architectural design of buildings. Throughout different assessments, the module will help students to build and to consolidate greater reliance on independent study, critical appraisal, reflection and analysis, and how to present and justify their own ideas.

Module texts

  • Emmitt, S. (2023). Barry's advanced construction of buildings. 5th edn. Wiley Press. Purchase eBook

  • Chudley, R. (2012). Advanced construction technology. 5th edn. Pearson.

Recommended readings

  • Till, C. (2018). Radical matter: rethinking materials for a sustainable future. Thames & Hudson Incorporated.

  • Allwood, J. and Cullen, J. (2015). Sustainable materials: without the hot air, vol. 6. UIT Cambridge.

  • Kultermann, E. and Spence, W. (2022). Construction materials, methods, and techniques building for a sustainable future. Cengage.

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