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SDBE 519 Advanced Design Project: Reading list

SDBE 519 Advanced Design Project 

Department: MSc Sustainable Design in the Built Environment
Module Description: In this module the students will undertake advanced architectural design projects. They will focus on applying the knowledge learnt in several other modules in the course to analyse, revise, improve and assess a building design in order to make it sustainable. The students will be introduced to several key architectural ideas to develop basic design and communication skills in order to progress with their design projects on proposed sites. They will be encouraged to work together at first stages of the design, broadening their experience through research and development. They will start by preparing a professional design brief for their proposed projects and proceed to producing detailed architectural drawings, including an executive summary and a detailed report, which would also reflect on the research conducted and the strategies adopted, plus to give presentations explaining and defending the steps undertaken during their design projects. The students are also expected to create a project programming and scheduling in order to manage and meet deadlines. The jury for the presentations will include one or more jurors from the relevant industry who will also take part in the review and assessment of the presentations. This module will run over two consecutive terms in order to give the students enough time to properly develop their designs, research, document, propose and assess their final advanced design projects. This module is open to students pursuing an MSc Design Project route with AD concentration.

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