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SDBE 522 Renewable and Sustainable Resources: Reading list

SDBE 522 Renewable and Sustainable Resources

Department: MSc in Sustainable Design and Built Environment

Module Description: This module focuses on the resources needed to construct and operate buildings, and on their significance for a sustainable future. The construction industry is one of the largest consumers of resources among all industries, from its supply chain of materials producers and fabricators, through to its influence on the operation of buildings. Making construction activity sustainable in the long term is a major challenge. The module emphasizes the links between sustainability, improved performance and resource management in terms of what resources are used and the way they are used with emphasis on sourcing and using renewable materials. It examines the principles of reuse, recycling and renewal in achieving sustainability in the Built Environment. It looks at the consumption of materials, energy and water and at the production of waste through the whole life cycle of the building. Special attention is paid to the different renewable energy resources with focus on technology and economics. The role of energy policy, politics and regulations in promoting the use of renewable resources will be discussed.

Module texts

  • Sørensen, B. (2017). Renewable energy: physics, engineering, environmental impacts, economics and planning. 5th edn. London, United Kingdom: Academic Press.

Recommended readings

  • Ristinen, R. A., Kraushaar, J. J. and Brack, J. T. (2022). Energy and the environment. 4th edn. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

  • Moaveni, S. (2023). Energy, environment, and sustainability. 2nd edn. Boston: Cengage.

  • Hossain, E. and Petrovic, S. (2022). Renewable energy crash course: a concise introduction. Springer.

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