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SDBE 526 Skins and Spaces: Reading list

SDBE 526 Skin and Space

Department: MSc in Sustainable Design and Built Environment

Module Description: The environmental design of the space and its enclosing and surrounding skin has received much attention in recent years as concern has grown over building occupants’ health and comfort and the rate in which buildings use energy to maintain the required environmental conditions. The concern also includes an ongoing topic of investigation dealing with the relationship between built form and environmental performance. A number of recent projects have focused on aspects of mixed-use development as part of a zero carbon emission strategy for urban environments. Results of research are beginning to inform new ideas in building design, in relation to innovative facades, chilled/heated surfaces and mixed-mode ventilation systems. In order to achieve successful design for comfort, health and energy efficiency, architects, urban planners and services engineers need to have a common understanding of the basic principles and techniques involved in integrating the environmental performance of the envelope, surrounding enclosure and space. The aim of this course is to provide such understanding in order to encourage a good overall environmental design.

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