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SDBE 529 Sustainable Urban Transport: Reading list

SDBE 529 Sustainable Urban Transport

Department: MSc in Sustainable Design and Built Environment

Module Description: This module covers the quantitative techniques applied in developing efficient and optimum transport plans to cater for forecasted travel demand. It explores the ways in which acceptable level of urban mobility could be maintained through an integrated land use transport plan, provision of public transport and promotion of shared mobility services with minimum negative impacts which are associated with excessive use of private automobiles - such as impacts on the quality of our environment, social cohesion and health. The module has two focus points: 1) the relationship between land use and transport and its impacts on personal mobility and environment and 2) the means through which an integrated land use transport plan could be developed for achieving sustainable mobility. The students will be introduced to various issues related to transport planning and development of sustainable transportation plan with a view of making an effective contribution to the planning, policy making and management of transport. A wider perspective is desirable, which starts from the premise that land-use decisions both influence and are influenced by transport objectives and performance. The students will learn related techniques to aid them to plan transport system more efficient and sustainable.

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