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SEEM 536 Foundation Engineering: Reading list

SEEM 536 Foundation Engineering 

Department: MSc Structural Engineering
Module Description: This module aims to extend students' knowledge of the physical properties, flow-through properties, and failure mechanisms of granular materials in a geotechnical engineering context. The focus is on applying advanced understanding of mechanics to geotechnical problem solving with an emphasis on fluid-soil interaction. The approach links soil mechanics theory (e.g. seepage, consolidation and settlement) to practical applications (e.g. deformation of foundations) via physical models and case studies. The geo-engineering software Plaxis will be used to provide the students with a hands-on experience in the design of complex foundation systems.

Module text(s)

  • Das, B. M. (2022). Principles of geotechnical engineering. 10th edn. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. Purchase eBook
  • Coduto, D. P., Kitch, W. A. and Yeung, M.-chu R. (2016). Foundation design : principles and practices. 3rd edn. Boston: Pearson. Purchase eBook

Recommended readings

  • Day, R. (2012). Geotechnical engineers portable handbook. 2nd edn. Blacklick: McGraw-Hill Publishing. 
  • Murthy, V. N. (2014). Geotechnical engineering : principles and practices of soil mechanics and foundation engineering. New York, USA: CRC Press.

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